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Yoga + Veganism

By Crisanne Schworn

SUN NOV 15, 2020

I sincerely think veganism can save the world.

I have not been vegan for long (about four days to be exact) and gosh golly gee day do I love it!

There are so many reasons why I made the switch.

The main reason is because of my yoga practice, the more I have connected with myself through yoga the more I have realized what is best for my body. I have been good about practicing every morning, first thing, and it is so lovely to start my day off like this. I was struggling a bit last month, with my business, the pandemic and my day job, I kept trying to reach outside of myself for the answers. Then I was talking with my therapist about my own practice and how that was going. It was not going. So, I began to take time each morning to set out my mat and get on it, no matter what. This has helped me to find a routine (even though I am not a fan of routine), it has been good for me to have this one thing every day. Since then, I have noticed my body's reactions to food, alcohol and weed.

I feel like my life is much simpler living like this. It is not good or bad, I am just finding my way. I am grateful for this never-ending journey of learning about myself and the world around me. An aspect of the yogic path is Ahimsa or non-violence. This step on the 8 limbed path is crucial for living a life of loving kindness and I do believe that practicing Ahimsa includes no harm to other beings, be it human or animal.

There is one awesome documentary that I watched on veganism, it is called Game Changers. It is not one of those extremely sad and intense docs that leaves you afraid and crying, it is educational and shows how being vegan has helped professional athletes reach their peak in their field. It also explains the environmental impacts of the meat industry and how much harm it does to our bodies, animals and the planet. In the USA we are obsessed with meat, a lot of people eat meat for every meal. Our bodies are just not designed to do this. The amount of land that is destroyed for cattle, the pollution of the air and the water and the warming of the atmosphere can be hugely attributed to eating meat. It is honestly crazy that we are not all vegan at this point, but I will let you do your own research and feel it in your own body because that is what it is all about, baby.

I am so excited to share this and be on this adventure, if anyone reading this wants to go on this adventure too, please reach out. There are so many resources out there and I would love to talk plant based deliciousness!